“Give a girl the right pair of shoes,

and she can conquer the world”

                                                                                     – Marilyn Monroe

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Summer boots

Hello ladies! How are you Hope you all had an amazing weekend. It's been awhile since my last outfit post, but I'm back with this new outfit that I absolutely love. I guess the reason why I like it[..]

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Item of the week

front row shop This time I couldn't pick just one item for this weekly section because the new Front Row Shop collection is so great that is impossible to stick with just one item. Check the new colle[..]

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The new season

I'm so happy that spring is here and I can finally wear my beloved blazers again. What do you think, isn't spring the most fashionable season ever? You can layer, you ca wear bright colors, ripped jea[..]

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Luxury headphones and phone-cases

I always try to make my life happier with cute little things that make me smile every time I see them. So, now I'm looking for some cool luxury headphones and THESE amazing white and gold ones really [..]

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Boho Chic Style Recommendations

The boho chic trend will be huge this summer, so why wait for warmer days when you can start wearing right now? This way you'll be an expert when summer comes. Boho chic was always kind of in, especia[..]

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Item of the week: grey loose top

Today, I chose this gorgeous loose blouse as "Item of the week" . I think it's perfect for this season, it fits all body shapes and it's only 9.99$. You can get it HERE with free shipping.[..]

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Living in a shoe story

I started this blog 5 years ago out of pashio for fashion. It helped me a lot in improving my personal style and gaining confidence in myself. Besides that I connected with a lot of amazing people from all over the world, people that have same interests and same passions as I do.

"People will stare. Make it worth their while"

- Harry Winston