a new day…a new outfit…

…a new story.
I think most of you know me from chictopia, because there‘s where I started to post my outfits 3 or 4 months ago. I just love the chictopia comunity and all the inspiration I get from it. It‘s amazing how many wonderful outfits you can find and how many wonderful peopleMy style changed alot in this period thanks to this site and I think it will still change and it will get bether and bether.
So, thank you chictopia for making me a part of you!

hellow everyone!!!

I finally made a blog!!!
I want this to be first of all a fashion blog, because fashion is my big love. I’ll show you the way I dress everyday (well not really), and I’ll tell you the things I did during that day. My life is not that exciting so maybe I won’t post everyday because sometimes I do nothing all day long.
I decided to post in english and romanian language. I’ll make a short comment in english talking about my outfit and then, if I want to express my feelings I’ll do it in romanian because it’s easier for me this way.
Hope you guys will follow my blog!