I’m a

I had a very pleasant and quiet weekend! I spent most of it indoors with my fiance cooking, watching TV or doing absolutely nothing. Usually, during the weekend I visit my parents in my hometown but this one was reserved just for me and my BF. It was a little rainy, but when the sun shined it was pretty hot.

I wore this outfit to a meeting with some friends for a coffee and they really liked it. The shorts are custom made and they are real leather. I know some of you don’t like the idea about wearing real leather because of the pour animal who have to die for that. The way I see this is that it’s a real bad thing to kill the animal only for their fur or leather, but then, if you kill the animal for their meet it’s ok to take the leather too. What’s your opinion? I would really love to hear it?

I was wearing:
custom made leather pants
Zara shirt
gold necklaces
random bag
custom made shoes
Mango sunglasses

I’m in love with floral pattern during the summer and this top is one of my favorites. I bought it from Berska and it was 2 size larger but I modified it to fit me and now it’s perfect.
This is the first time I wear my hair like this and I really like it. I was inspired by some girls from chictopia and I never saw someone in my city with this hairdo.

I was wearing:
Berska top
Berska jeans
Zara bag
custom made boots
Mango sunglasses
real gold neklace

school girl

Wearing this outfit I felt like a little school girl.

I was wearing:
custom made shirt
Mango shorts
Il Passo wedges
random socks
vintage belt
vintage purse

24.05.10-the sun was shining

I’m so happy because the sun finally shines on the sky! Today the weather was so beautiful so I felt like dressing very feminine.

I was wearing:
custom made skirt
mango t-shirt
Zara shoes
Italian bag
Mango sun glasses
accessorize butterfly necklace
H&M pink flower
MeliMelo gray flower

It doesn’t feel like summer!

I’m so sad because of the weather! I want to wear shorts and skirts and nice floral dresses but the weather won’t allow me! So I have to wear the same old winter outfits and the only thing I can do to remind me that is summer is to wear bright colors.
I was wearing:
Mark&Spencer sweater
custom made pants
Benvenuti bag
BBup Shoes
random accessories

Mom’s blazer

The weather has been so cold and rainy this days. 🙁 It’s so depressing!
I found this blazer in my mom’s wardrobe last year and this was the first time I wore it, although I really like it. I promise my self I’ll wear it more often.

Pull&Bear jeans
my mom’s blazer
Zara shoes
random black bag

Stripes again

I went shopping today and I got a lot of great things! Can’t wait to show you guys.
This morning I had to take a photo for my new ID and this is what I wore. of course that in my ID you can’t see my whole body, but I wanted to dress nicely anyway.

I was wearing:
Zara blazer
custom made shirt
Pull&Bear jeans
BBup shoes
bought from Turkey bag
vintage belt
red flower accessory bought from MeliMelo


This days the weather was changing a lot and it was very hard to find the right clothes. I wore this custom made romper that I made 3 or 4 years ago. I think safari is a trend that will never fade. During the summer is always very “in”, that’s why a have a lot of clothes bought during the last summers that fit this trend.

custom made romper
Mango white top
Berska shoes
Lollipops bag
H&M beltMeliMelo necklace

today’s outfit

Today I met a very interesting, fun and styled girl, so I can say I had a great day.

This is one of the outfits that I wore today
Zara T-shirt
Berska bluejeans
Zara bag
NewYorker hat
vintge belt