I wore this outfit today because I’m craving for a vacation, somewhere far away. Me and
my bf were planing about going to Australia but planes changed so I remained with my dreams…

Well I have my jungle wright here with me, the city jungle. LOL.

I was wearing: custom made vest and belt, DIY jeans, random scarf and bag,
BBup shoes, NewYorker hat

do you have an XS?

I was very happy to find this blazer at sales at Zara because is a XS, I think it’s the only XS item I found at sales at Zara. I love the way it fits me and I think is so versatile, I can wear it with anything.

items I was wearing:
Zara blazer and shirt
DIY shorts
thrifted belt
Mallanee shoes
random bag
NewYorker sunglasses

The weather is still bad here in my town but I’m happy because I can wear long sleeves and otk socks. I missed wearing otk socks, and they are my favorite item.

I was wearing:
Zara shirt
DIY shorts
NewYorker hat
Musette bag
thrifted belt


I think tomorrow I’ll go to a vintage market to look for a pair of high waisted Levi’s. I’m searching that for a long time but I didn’t find anything to fit me well. The only problem is that I have a low budget and maybe I’ll have to wait till next week to do that. Well, I’ll see that tomorrow. Hope you guys like my girlie look! Thank you again for comments and support.

I was wearing:
custom made shoes and belt
Bershka head piece
Accessorize necklace
NewYorker dress
random bag

I’m madly in love with this new type of shorts (do they have a name?)! The only problem is that I’m not brave enough to wear them on the street, so I’m waiting for my vacation, somewhere at the seaside where I’ll where them without a problem. Until then I took some pictures just for fun.

All the items I’m wearing are custom made, except the clutch. The shorts have a cute bow in front (You can see that better in the second picture) and I was inspired when I created them by a dress that Blair Waldorf wore in one of the Gossip Girl’s episodes.

I was wearing:
custom made blouse, shorts and shoes
Islo clutch