Goin away…

I’m going away tomorrow to Turkey for one week. I just can’t wait…
I promise I’ll take lots of photos and
I’ll share them with you as soon as I come back.

The dress I’m wearing is a custom made one and I stole the idea from H&M.
They had a similar one in the Garden Collection,
but we don’t have a H&M in my town so I couldn’t get my hands on it.
Of course mine is a little different, adjusted to my taste.

I was wearing: custom made dress, Italian brand shoes, MeliMelo belt, random bag

Movie night

I saw yesterday the movie Salt with Angelina Jolie and I thought it was pretty cool.
I love Angelina because she is such a beautiful and interesting woman,
I love all the movies she made and she is my favorite movie star.
She is amazing as a woman and as a human being.

I was wearing: zara shirt, vintage shorts and belt,
bershka clogs, random brand bag

Still busy!

Sorry guys, but I’m still busy with moving out from my house and I never thought
this will take so much time.
I’m sure I’ll finish moving all my stuff today and tomorrow and then
I’ll have to start unpacking. Hope you’re all doing fine
and enjoying the weekend.

I was wearing: vintage shirt, DIY shorts, custom made boots, thrifted belt

so busy…

I’m so sorry for not posting as often as I used to but I’m so busy with packing and cleaning. Some of you already know that I’m moving in a new house and this takes me a lot time and energy. So when I go out to eat or meet some friends I’m so exhausted that I can’t think at anything nice to wear. The worst part is that my maid is gone abroad this week to visit her daughter so me and my fiance have to deal with all the cleaning. I hate moving away, especially this time when I’m moving from a big, beautiful house to a small rented one….):

I was wearing: custom made tube top, vintage shorts and belt, Mango purse,Bershka clogs, Mango sunglasses

I came beck from my work trip because of the bad weather (I can’t work if it rains),
but I’ll have to go back again for one or two days.

I was wearing: Zara dress, vintage purse, BBup shoes, Golden Point stockings,
NewYorker hair accessorie

I’ll go away tomorrow for 3 or 4 days and I wont have aces to the Internet, I’m sure I’ll miss you guys but I’m happy to take a break from all this technology.
I’ll have to measure and investigate a forest road (I’m a road engineer) and than I’ll have to see what are the ways for improving it’s condition. The job it’s not hard and I get to spend some time in the nature, away from all the madness.
I promise that I’ll keep posting as soon as I’ll come back.

I was wearing: Mango top and glasses, DIY shorts, custom made shoes, Zara bag