soft pink

I was wearing: H&M sweater and bag, bershka shoes

If you like the photo in the right please vote for me here! Feel free to vote any of the outfits you want, it’s a contest so the best should win.

who’s that girl?

yep, that girl is me! it’s very different than my usual style but I felt the need to dress more feminine for one day

I was wearing: Mango cardigan, vintage skirt, custom made shoes and belt, H&M bag

The weather was horrible this week, it rained all day long so I couldn’t take any pictures of my outfits. The beautiful weather is finally back so here is a new outfit.

I was wearing: Zara sweater and booties, H&M bag and tights, New Yorker hat.
I was wearing a pair of shorts underneath but you can’t see those, it was a pair of short jeans.


Yesterday I took a brake from the computer. I’m trying to reduce the time spent
on the Internet because I feel it’s taking to much of my spare time. I can say that the
“no PC and no Internet” day was a really great one. I went to see a movie
with my brother and I meet up with some friends. Two hours with my friends seemed like half a day but two hours on the Internet seem like half an hour (hope you know what I mean). So if from now on you won’t hear from me for a day or two you’ll know that
I’m spending a great time with family or friends.

I wore this outfit today, it was such a beautiful, hot day. I went with my fiance to a walk downtown and we had ice-cream.

I was wearing: random vest and bag, Zara shirt and pants, bbup shoes, melimelo necklace
Hope you guys had a really nice weekend. Sadly, I had a really boring one 🙁

I was wearing: custom made poncho, thrifted sweater, Bershka leggings, BBup boots, random bag
and a MeliMelo necklace made of wood.