school girl

Wearing this outfit I felt like a little school girl.

I was wearing:
custom made shirt
Mango shorts
Il Passo wedges
random socks
vintage belt
vintage purse

24.05.10-the sun was shining

I’m so happy because the sun finally shines on the sky! Today the weather was so beautiful so I felt like dressing very feminine.

I was wearing:
custom made skirt
mango t-shirt
Zara shoes
Italian bag
Mango sun glasses
accessorize butterfly necklace
H&M pink flower
MeliMelo gray flower

It doesn’t feel like summer!

I’m so sad because of the weather! I want to wear shorts and skirts and nice floral dresses but the weather won’t allow me! So I have to wear the same old winter outfits and the only thing I can do to remind me that is summer is to wear bright colors.
I was wearing:
Mark&Spencer sweater
custom made pants
Benvenuti bag
BBup Shoes
random accessories

Mom’s blazer

The weather has been so cold and rainy this days. 🙁 It’s so depressing!
I found this blazer in my mom’s wardrobe last year and this was the first time I wore it, although I really like it. I promise my self I’ll wear it more often.

Pull&Bear jeans
my mom’s blazer
Zara shoes
random black bag

Stripes again

I went shopping today and I got a lot of great things! Can’t wait to show you guys.
This morning I had to take a photo for my new ID and this is what I wore. of course that in my ID you can’t see my whole body, but I wanted to dress nicely anyway.

I was wearing:
Zara blazer
custom made shirt
Pull&Bear jeans
BBup shoes
bought from Turkey bag
vintage belt
red flower accessory bought from MeliMelo


This days the weather was changing a lot and it was very hard to find the right clothes. I wore this custom made romper that I made 3 or 4 years ago. I think safari is a trend that will never fade. During the summer is always very “in”, that’s why a have a lot of clothes bought during the last summers that fit this trend.

custom made romper
Mango white top
Berska shoes
Lollipops bag
H&M beltMeliMelo necklace

today’s outfit

Today I met a very interesting, fun and styled girl, so I can say I had a great day.

This is one of the outfits that I wore today
Zara T-shirt
Berska bluejeans
Zara bag
NewYorker hat
vintge belt

The girl with the big hat!

I wore this outfit a couple of days ago, when I had a juice with my friends on a terrace. The fabric of the dress is so soft and it feels so good when is very hot outside.
Today I went shopping, but I didn’t get much because everything seemed so expensive. I think this financial crises made me realize the value of money, and it was about time for that to happened. I think a few time ago I was doing way to much shopping and some of the items bought I didn’t wear at all.

I was wearing:
Zara dress
Berska hat
MeliMelo flower accessory
Mango bag
Mallanee shoes
MeliMelo necklace

More Ruffles? Yes please!

This is my favorite skirt! it’s custom made because I couldn’t find in stores one that would truly fit my taste. I love ruffled skirts this summer but this is the only one I have. Usually I invest in just one item that it’s very “in” during a season because it will be very “out” the next season.
So, this is my only ruffled skirt and that’s why a use it so often. (but I can’t promise a won’t buy another even though I know I shouldn’t)

I was wearing:
custom made skirt
TopShop top
Zara shoes
Accessorize and NewYorker necklaces

Here are 2 other pictures ith my ruffled skirt: