Is it too much?

top: HERE | skirt: custom made | bag: vintage | shoes: Zara

Three all black outfits in a row! Is it a little too much?
Well, that’s what happens when cold season starts, I get overly obsessed with dark colors. Next time, I’ll try to come up with something more colorful. 

1. HERE          2. HERE           3. HERE          4. HERE
5. HERE          6. HERE           7. HERE 

All black…again

dress: HERE | bag: Beny Style | necklace: H&M | sandals: Zara | red bracelet: HERE

I think this is the most versatile dress that I own. I can wear it in so many different ways, but for now, I’m gonna show you just one, with the promise that, I’ll do one more post wearing this dress in a completely different way. I have the dress from STYLENANDA, an online boutique that I just discovered recently. They have so may unique items, you should definitely check them out.

 1. HERE           2. HERE          3. HERE
4. HERE           5. HERE          6. HERE

Pastel Autumn

vest: HERE | shirt: H&M | jeans: Zara | bag: HERE | booties: Nursace

So, did you guess which was the other item bought from Yes, you are right, is this gorgeous light pink vest, that I absolutely adore. I saw a similar one, a long time ago, on chictopia, and since then I kept looking for the perfect sleeveless blazer.


top:HERE | shirt:HERE | jeans: Bershka | boots: Jeffrey Campbell | beanie: DIY | sunglasses: H&M

I’m a big fan of crop tops, but I don’t feel like wearing them. It’s that type of thing that you like seeing on others, but you don’t picture yourself wearing it. But, this time I made an exception, and I made it only because I absolutely adored this crop top and I had to have it. I found it on Front Row Shop, an amazing online store with lots and lots of gorgeous and unique stuff. I made a list under this post with some other stuff that I really liked from their store. Can you guess witch one I already bough? I’ll give you a hint, it’s sleeveless.

1. vest: HERE | blouse: HERE | pants: HERE | shoes: HERE
2. vest: HERE | blouse: HERE | skirt: HERE | shoes: HERE
3. blouse: HERE


shirt: Zara (de vanzare AICI | shorts: Mango | necklace: Zara | pumps: Bershka
bag: Beny Style | sunglasses: John Richmond


1. HERE          2. HERE          3. HERE
4. HERE          5. HERE          6. HERE

Bluza am scos-o la vanzare AICI!
My ass sure frizzed in this very short pants but I wanted so much to wear them one more time that I said “The hell with it, I’ll bare it”. That’s what happens at the end at every season, I have some items that I just wanna wear one more time, especially the ones bought from sales, that I didn’t have time to wear. What about you, does that happen to you too? 

Isbael Marant for H&M – favorite items

It was in mid June this year when H&M first announced their collaboration with French designer Isabel Marant – See more at:
1. Jumper, £69.99
2. Boots, £149.99
3. Jacket, £199.99
4. Cardigan, £79.99
5. Leather trousers, £179.99
6. Coat, £99.99
7. Trousers, £34.99
8. Top, £59.99
It was in mid June this year when H&M first announced their collaboration with French designer Isabel Marant, and now is a little more then one month till it will be available in stores.
It was in mid June this year when H&M first announced their collaboration with French designer Isabel Marant – See more at:
I’ve already created a wish list of all the pieces I want to score on November 14, the sad part is that my buget doesn’t agree at all, with my long wishlist. But who knows, maybe I’ll get rich over nite. 
You can see the entire collection, including the prices for each item HERE.

Is it autumn or spring?


 sweater: HERE | skirt: custom made | bag: HERE | necklace: H&M | pumps: HERE (old) | sunglasses: Aldo
The weather got a little better so I had to grab a skirt from the closet and wear it with my bare legs, because, this might be the last time I can do that this year. I chose to pare it with this cute Oasap sweater, and it made me feel like spring is here, not autumn. Now, let me tell you the story behind this sunglasses. Well, I’ve been wanting a pair of sunglasses with this shape for a long time now, and I knew Aldo has them, but, the only problem was that we don’t have Aldo in our town. So I waited patiently for my trip to Vienna and I was so lucky to find the last pair, sitting in the window display, waiting for me to take her home. The only problem was that it didn’t have a barcode, but, after almost half and hour and some phone calls made by the stuff, I was able to pay it and take it home. Oh God, I’m so obsessed with sunglasses, I should stop buying them, at least until the cold season ends.

1. HERE          2. HERE          3. HERE

4. HERE          5. HERE          6. HERE

Gossip Nail Studio

De cele mai multe ori mi se intampla sa am pozele pentru postari, dar sa nu am timpul necesar sa fac postarea. Azi insa, a fost exact invers. Cu o gramada de timp liber la indemana am cautat prin folderele cu poze mai vechi dupa o posibila postare, si bine am facut, pt ca mi-am amintit de o frumoasa experienta petrecuta la Gossip Studio, dar pe care nu am mai avut timp sa vi-o expun pe lag. Asa ca, o voi face acum…
Acum cateva luni am fost la salonul Gossip Nail Studio pt. a beneficia de o manichiura profi. Acesta este primul centru SPA din Oradea dedicat segmentului de mani-pedi la cele mai inalte standarde. Acesta isi propune sa furnizeze cele mai noi tratamente de infrumusetare cu produse profesionale, recunoscute pe plan international.
Se stie ca pentru orice femeie aspectul joaca un rol important, de aceea la Gossip Nail Studio am putut alege din peste 140 culori de oja de la Orly, peste 50 de modele de folii metalice Minx, strasuri Swarovski, perlute sau modele pictate manual cu vopsele acrilice. Eu am optat (la recomandarea Marinei, fata care face minuni pe unghiute) pt. gelul lac Gel FX de la Orly, cel care mai nou e cunoscut sub denumirea de oja semipermanenta.
Toata operatiunea a durat cam o ora, timp in care m-am simtit foarte bine in compania Marinei, iar salonul mi-a dat o stare de bine si de relaxare, fiind foarte aerisit si luminat.
Acum sa trecem la partea practica. Dupa cum am spus, toata operatiunea a durat aproximativ o ora,.Unghiile au inceput sa se decojasca dupa aprox. 2 saptamani, iar in ultima poza puteti vedea cum aratau unghiile mele dupa vreo doua sapt. si jumatate. Avand in vedere ca am unghiile foarte fragile, si nu le-am menajat deloc, ba mai mult, le-am bagat in tot felul de diluanti si detergenti, eu spun ca manichiura m-a tinut destul de mult.
Din pacate, cu toata agitatia din ultima perioada (mutat, concediu, terminat de mobilat casa) nu am mai ajuns la salon pentru o noua manichiura, dar cu siguranta imi voi face o programare cu urmatoarea ocazie cu care ajung in Oradea.
In cazul in care v-am facut curioase si doriti sa aflati mai multe despre Gossip Nail Studio, AICI aveti linkul spre pagina lor de facebook.