Casual day

shirt: Zara | jeans: Zara | hat: H&M | bag: vintage | shoes: HERE
Sometimes I’m thinking about how we all say we want to be different and how we all end up dressing the same, becoming victims of fashion. I am one of those victims of fashion. For me there are three categories of trends. 1.the ones that I love right from the start, from the minute I see them on the catwalk, and here I can include the vast majority of the trends 2. there are some trends that I’m a little reluctant about adopting, but then I end up loving them and 3. there are a few trends that I don’t feel they fit me, and I never adopt. One of the big trends that I was reluctant about (and still am in some cases), are sport shoes worn with elegant pieces. I don’t feel that trend at all, and I didn’t even want to spend money on shoes that I felt were suitable only for gym or running tracks. But all that changed when I meet this gorgeous babes. they are all leather, so they don’t look as sporty as other trainers do, and they are so perfect for a comfy, casual outfit. I’m pretty shore I’ll wear them many times this summer, but I don’t think I’ll ever put them together with nothing else but casual pieces.

Can you feel the summer?

culottes: HERE | shirt:Zara | hat: H&M | shoes: BB up
Oh, how I love summer! And even though summer days are extremely hot, I love summery outfits, especially the straw hats, the loose white shirts and the fact that I can show my legs. Mostly I show off my legs by wearing shorts, but this time I decided to try something new, so I choose this beautiful blue culottes from FRONTROWSHOP. I was a little sceptic when I order them, because they were that type of item that I love seeing on others, but I don’t really see myself wearing. I loved the summery vibe that they give to an outfit so I thought I should just give them a try, and well I did, because now I’m madly in love with them. What about you, do you have any item that you were reluctant about buying, and then you ended up loving it?
 1. HERE          2. HERE          3. HERE          4. HERE

5. HERE          6. HERE          7. HERE          8. HERE

Stripes and peonies

blazer: HERE | basic t-shirt: H&M | skirt: H&M | necklace: HERE
This spring I was so happy to see that peonies are growing in my new house’s backyard. I love peonies, they are my favorite flowers, and I intend on planting even more, so that next spring I’ll have all my house and garden full of this beautiful flowers.

Summer crush

 top: C&A | jeans: Zara | sunglasses: C&A | ankle boots: Zara

You know those summer flings that last only as long as the hot summery days do? Well, I have one too, with my crochet tops, I love them madly all summer long, but then, as the days get shorter I have to let them go.
The one in the pictures is my latest acquisition, and as I’m beginning to realize, I think it will be my big crochet crush this summer!