Made in Timisoara

 cardigan: Dany Ignat | body: B.A.D. Style | Jeans: Kurtmann | bag: Anileda Alrac | necklace: Gems by STYLE IS FRESH
In timp ce pregateam aceasta postare mi-am dat seama ca tinuta e in proportie de 70 % made in Timisoara. In afara de blugi, botine si palarie toate produsele sunt luate de la designeri Timisoreni. Ma bucur foarte mult cand am ocazia sa promovez designeri romani, iar cand acestia sunt de la mine din oras sunt si mai mandra. Asadar, despre cardiganul de la Dany Ignat am mai vorbit AICI nu are rost sa ma repet, geanta e de la Anileda Alrac si o ador pur si simplu. Deja ma gandesc sa-mi mai fac una pe animal print, mai ales ca preturile sunt extrem de accesibile. Colierele (sunt doua suprapuse) sunt create de talentata Madalina Gugila (Gems by STYLE IS FRESH) care este si o cunoscuta bloggerita de moda din Timisoara. Body-ul de catifea este facut de Adriana Barar omul din spatele brandului B.A.D. Style si face parte dintr-un costum pe care il voi dezvalui intr-o postare viitoare. Ultimul element, blugii, i-am achizitionat de pe, un outlet romanesc care vinde haine de la Mango, Zara, Massimo Dutti, River Island, precum si multe alte firme cunoscute.

Love it!

dress: | jacket: read the story below | boots: HERE | bag: vintage | watch: Daniel Wellington | sunglasses: Dior

Ta-da-da-dam! Here it is again, the most loved piece in my wardrobe, my grandpa’s cardigan. And no, I’m not mistaking, it’s my grandpa not my grandma. And no, my grandpa wasn’t a midget. The cardigan must have shrinked or something because the sleeves are too short even for me, but otherwise it fits me perfectly. I have so many clothes in my wardrobe that most of them don’t get worn more than once, but not this cardigan. I wore it sooo many times, it’s so versatile and it’s so full of great memories. This time I took it with me on a short trip to Budapest, so I just loaded it with more memories.

New Beginnings…or, maybe not!

sweater: vintage | skirt: HERE | bag:

This was supposed to be my last post for 2014, but it ended up being the first one for 2015. It’s funny how we make such a big deal about a year ending and another one beginning, when in fact nothing ends and nothing begins. We are still the same, because time is not the one that changes us, but people and events.
So, I won’t be wishing you an amazing 2015, but I’m wishing you an amazing life, full of joy and great accomplishments!