Antalya – part 1

I spent my summer vacation in Antalya, Turkey with my fiance.
We had a lot of fun and we wore so happy to be just the two of us for a whole week.
I really love Turkey for it’s nice hotels and for it’s kind people. The food was so delicious,
the water was so clean and worm, everything was PERFECT!!!
I didn’t do any shopping because I’m planning to go to Dubai next month
and I wanted to save some money for that. I just bought a Guess bag from the airport,
I’m sure you’re gonna see it soon in my posts.
Hope you all had a great vacation too. and hope you’ll like my pictures. Tomorrow I’ll post some more

I look very tanned in this picture, but that’s because of the bad lightning.
My real skin color is the one in the first picture. That was made in my last day of vacation.
I don’t like being to long in the sun because I know that’s bad for my skin.
I love a tanned skin but not with the price of premature wrinkling and who knows, even cancer.
So I use a medium SPF and I don’t stay in the sun between 11 and 5 o’çlock, and I advice everyone to do the same. The bronze will be healthier and it will last a long time

This was an old village that got destroyed after an earthquake, and then people abandoned it.
You can still see the ruins of the houses.

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3 thoughts on “Antalya – part 1

  1. GlamorousChick says:

    oh wow, so glamorous! It’s so funny that I’ve been to Turkey and I made the same trip as you! I saw those suspended tombs, the destroyed old city and we also visited St. Nicolas church.

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