B.A.D. project

dress: B.A.D. Style | boots: MONO | bag: Zara
  Recently, I’ve been part of a fun and cute project, together with two other blogger friends (Claudia from Qwearty and Miha from Skinny Buddha). Adriana, the talented designer behind B.A.D Style
proposed us to choose 5 words and based on those words she had to create a piece that represents our style. My words were: tartan, red, black, dinner and Christmas, so basically I wanted a tartan outfit 
that I could wear on Christmas eve. The dress was ready before Christmas, but I was to concerned not to ruin it before having the chance to take pictures for the blog, so I had to wear something else for that special night. Anyways, the project was really cute and fun (far from being a bad project), 
and I had such a great time with Adriana, Andreea (the make-up artist) and Anto (the hair stylist). You can see photos from the making off HERE. Enough talking now, I’ll let you enjoy the pictures.

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