BIG news!

I was wearing: zara sweater and top, random leggings, BBup boots, NewYorker hat,
Guess bag, MeliMelo necklace

I told you before, in another post, that my life will change completely. In about 5 months I’m gonna have a baby. Yes I’m 4 months pregnant! My pregnancy period, until now, was very easy. I didn’t feel sick at all and my body didn’t change to much (excepting my boobs, they are huge now). My belly started growing about a month ago and now it’s pretty big. The only inconvenient until now is that I’m always sleepy, sometimes I sleep 10 to 12 hours a day. And that’s the reason for my lack of posts for the last 4 months. I’m still trying to dress chic but sometimes it gets really hard. I miss wearing my high waisted pants and belts that squeeze my waist. I don’t wear heals if I have to walk a lot and so I end up wearing flat boots almost all the time. I’m sure I wont post as often as I did before I got pregnant, but I sure hope I’ll post more then I did in the last 3-4 months. I’ll finish classes in about 3 weeks and than I’ll have more time for my blog.

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14 thoughts on “BIG news!

  1. ada90 says:

    Ma bucur pentru tine.Am observat ca nu ai mai postat si ma gandeam ce s-a intamplat.Dar uite!Ce surpriza placuta!
    Sa speram ca vei avea 5 luni usoare si un bebe sanatos:)

  2. Laura Tenshi says:

    Felicitari cum ti-am zis si pe Chictopia, sper ca bebelusul sa fie sanatos si frumos. Ai reusit sa ascunzi destul de bine sarcina, nici n-as fi zis ca esti insarcinata. Esti norocoasa ca nu ai luat mult in greutate.
    Hugs ^ _ ^

  3. miha, skinny buddha says:

    Felicitari! e ciudat, nu ne cunoastem decat virtual, dar chiar ma bucur pt tine. chiar ma gandeam sa iti propun sa ne intalnim candva, daca tot locuim in acelasi oras.
    sa ai o sarcina usoara si un bebe frumos si sanatos!
    te pup,
    miha 🙂

  4. Americanca says:

    Wow, asta da veste! Credeam ca vorbesti de nunta, cand colo ceva si mai grozav! Felicitari, multa sanatate si sarcina usoara in continuare. O sa avem rabdare si o sa te asteptam pana o sa revii din nou cu outfituri interesante.


    P.S. Cizmele sunt superrr!

  5. Marinela says:

    Congratulations! Wow! I totally did not notice the baby bump. Had you not told us you’re pregnant I would not be able to tell so myself. I am sure your baby will just be as fashionable as you, regardless of its gender. I hope motherhood will not keep you from blogging and being fabulous because I am such a fan! I really love your style!

    Good luck and much love!

  6. Living_in_aShoe says:

    thank you so much girls! Sper sa reusesc sa fiu o viitoare mamica stilata, si cine stie, poate cand veti fi si voi insarcinate veti arunca o privire peste tinutele mele pt. putina inspiratie.

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