Casual day

shirt: Zara | jeans: Zara | hat: H&M | bag: vintage | shoes: HERE
Sometimes I’m thinking about how we all say we want to be different and how we all end up dressing the same, becoming victims of fashion. I am one of those victims of fashion. For me there are three categories of trends. 1.the ones that I love right from the start, from the minute I see them on the catwalk, and here I can include the vast majority of the trends 2. there are some trends that I’m a little reluctant about adopting, but then I end up loving them and 3. there are a few trends that I don’t feel they fit me, and I never adopt. One of the big trends that I was reluctant about (and still am in some cases), are sport shoes worn with elegant pieces. I don’t feel that trend at all, and I didn’t even want to spend money on shoes that I felt were suitable only for gym or running tracks. But all that changed when I meet this gorgeous babes. they are all leather, so they don’t look as sporty as other trainers do, and they are so perfect for a comfy, casual outfit. I’m pretty shore I’ll wear them many times this summer, but I don’t think I’ll ever put them together with nothing else but casual pieces.

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