Change is good

dress: HERE | bag: Red Valentino | pumps: HERE

I saw this dress for the first time almost a year ago, and I fel in love with it that instant. But, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way so, since then, I saw it worn by lots of bloggers. Although I really loved it I was really reticent about buying it, because I saw it so many times, styled in so many ways, and I thought to myself what could I possibly bring new to this dress. But, then I thought this could be an interesting challenge for me so I got it. I added a tutu skirt underneath and a waist belt and it looks so much different from the original. A friend even told me that she didn’t see this dress on sheinside, and when I sent her the link she realized that she had already bought the same dress. You can see how this dress originally looked like HERE, and you can see how other bloggers styled it by scrolling down on the same page. So what do you think, challenge accomplished?


1. HERE          2. HERE          3. HERE          4. HERE

5. HERE          6. HERE          7. HERE          8. HERE

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