Dressing down red items

dressing down red items

cum purtam blugii cu talia inalta

red choies vest

dressing down red items

street style timisoaravest: HERE | jeans: HERE | top: Front Row Shop | bag: Love Moschino


Even though red is considered being quite a fancy color, it can look really cool at any hour of the day, when combined properly. Dressing down red items can easily be done by paring them with stripy black and white pieces. Striped items usually give an outfit a really chic but relaxed vibe, so they will look perfect in an everyday outfit. Another tip is not to wear hills, or in case you do, make sure they are not higher than 5 cm.


Mereu mi-a placut sa combin piesele rosii din garderoba mea cu cele in dungi alb-negru. Mi se pare ca ofera tinutei un aer chic si relaxat. Rosu e o culoare destul de pretentioasa, dar combinand-o cu un articol in dungi poti obtine o tinuta perfecta pentru zi. Un alt item care ar trebui evitat, atunci cand porti rosu la o tinute de zi, sunt tocurile foarte inalte. Eu iti recomand sa alegi incaltaminte cu talpa joasa, iar daca optezi pt tocuri ar fi ideal ca acestea sa nu depaseasca 5 cm.

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