Four reasons to wear sunglasses

 sweater: HERE | blazer: Sheinside | jeans: thrifted | boots: Nursace| sunglasse: Emporio Armani
I love wearing sunglasses and I always encourage people on doing the same. There are so many frame shapes, it’s impossible not to find one that fits you perfectly. But, since winter is almost here, you might think, we won’t be needing them anymore and you couldn’t be more wrong than that. In fact, it is every bit as important in the winter time especially when there is snow on the ground. With that beeing said I’ll give you some of the reasons why I wear sunglasses:
1. UV Protections. I have to warn you that is very important to invest in good quality sunglasses that really protect your eyes from the damages that sun can do.

2. Comfortable vision. The sun’s brightness and glare interferes with comfortable vision and the ability to see clearly by causing people to squint and so wrinkles appear.
3. My eyes can be puffy and I could have huge darkcircles, but I put a pair of sunglasses and I look brand new.
4. I rarely afford any designer stuff but I always invest in designer sunglasses. They are way less expensive than a bag or pair of shoes, and you can wear them many, many times. I found some really great designer shades on Sunglasses Shop, from where I’ve also got the ones I’m wearing in this picture. They have all the cool brand like Dior, Prada, Ray-Ban, Chanel or Armani, but they also sell sunglasses for kids or snow goggles. The good news is that they are having some really great sunglasses sales going on, just click HERE to see what I’m talking about. 


Chic blazers: HERE

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