I’m not a boy (+ Sheinside Giveaway winner)

 tee: HERE / jeans: thrifted / bag: Stradivarius / glasses: HERE / hat: HERE / boots: Jeffrey Campbell

1. HERE             2. HERE             3. HERE             4. HERE
5. HERE             6. HERE             7. HERE

1. HERE          2. HERE          3. HERE

4. HERE          5. HERE          6. HERE
… but I wish I was. No, just kidding. I love the fact that I’m a girl, and one of the reasons is that I can wear boys’ clothes without looking weird. So, us girls, are allowed to wear anything we want, with no limit at all (c’mom, Lady Gaga did wear meat, what else could it be there), and I think that comes from the fact that we adore to stand out. When a girl buys a dress for a certain event, from a high street fashion store she will always wonder if someone else will wear the same dress. But, you’ll never hear a guy say: “OMG, tell me that guy is not wearing the same jeans that I am!”. So girls embrace the fact that you are a girl and you are not just allowed, but encouraged to experiment with fashion and step out from those jeans and t-shirt and wear something more outrageous.

We finally have a winner for the Sheinside Giveaway, her name is Claudia Lazar! Congratulations, girl!


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28 thoughts on “I’m not a boy (+ Sheinside Giveaway winner)

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi Dear ! Thank You for Your lovely comment!!!I love Your blog and style! Really!
    I’m Your new follower now 🙂 Hope You will visit my blog and follow me too 😉



  2. Tamara Chloé says:

    Aaaaaah I am way too late for the Sheinside give away uuugh ;((((
    So sorry and I am bummed.
    I have been head over so busy and not able to reply to any comments lately.

    I wanna say: congrats to the lucky winner!

    You look absolutely fierc and stunning in this outfit!
    This daring combo only you could pul off!
    I love it!
    Keep the fabulous looks coming!
    xx Tamara Chloé


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