More Ruffles? Yes please!

This is my favorite skirt! it’s custom made because I couldn’t find in stores one that would truly fit my taste. I love ruffled skirts this summer but this is the only one I have. Usually I invest in just one item that it’s very “in” during a season because it will be very “out” the next season.
So, this is my only ruffled skirt and that’s why a use it so often. (but I can’t promise a won’t buy another even though I know I shouldn’t)

I was wearing:
custom made skirt
TopShop top
Zara shoes
Accessorize and NewYorker necklaces

Here are 2 other pictures ith my ruffled skirt:

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3 thoughts on “More Ruffles? Yes please!

  1. Milles says:

    love how you show the versatility of this skirt! you have great style! I’m really liking this blog! I found you on Chictopia.

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