My next investment

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One of my resolutions for this year is to invest in good quality pieces and stop throwing the money away on cheap looking items. And since I took this resolution really seriously (perhaps more seriously than eating healthy or going to the gym) I intend on getting a new designer bag next month. So please, please, please, I really need your help on deciding what to get. Ok, so my first option would be a Chanel bag. The problem is that I would afford a Chanel bag only if I sold my car or a kidney, and since my husband is against selling any of the two, I can only dream about it. The second choice would be a gorgeous Michael Kors Collection bag, but I bought a Michael Kors bag last year, so I guess I’m fine with that one. The third bag fits my style perfectly, has a really great price and it’s G-R-A-Y (we all know how obsessed I am with gray right no). So, I’m really leaning towards this one. The Salvatore Ferragamo one is really cute but I think is more suitable for the hot season. And finally, the one I’ve been dreaming about for almost two years now, the gorgeous Phillip Lim Satchel bag. This is the one that I like the most, but I really want to hear your opinion as well..

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