dress HERE
H&M coat
H&M collar
Zara necklace
Choies bag

This is my third day in bad since I got that flu at the beginning of the week. I feel better now, and I’m sure I’ll be ok in a day or two. This pictures are a bit old, but I really wanted to make a post today,  hope you’ll like them.

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38 thoughts on “Peachy

  1. Beauty says:

    You look great! I love that fur scarf and I’m always so excited to find Mummies like me who take time out of their busy schedule to blog about fashion. Would you like to follow each other? Do stop by my blog to say hi…:)

  2. Kiwi Fashion Blog says:

    The dress underneath the coat is so unexpected and prety! Love the accent metalic belt you sinched at the waist! Chic and stylish! Best of all, most of your things are affordable and can be use in everyday dressing up!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Would you like to follow each other? 🙂

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