Preppy during winter

shein grey skirt

tinuta preppy 2

tinuta pentru scoala

ce purtam iarna la birouskirt: HERE | bag: HERE | coat: Zara

I have to tell you something about this skirt. I saw a similar one in Zara a while ago, but I thought it was a bit expensive, so I didn’t get it then. And I did well, because I found it online at less than half a price. You might think that the quality is not the same, but this skirt is just gorgeous, and I think the quality is really great. My point is, whenever you want something but you feel it’s a little expensive, make sure you search it in other places too, you might be amazed of what you can find.

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4 thoughts on “Preppy during winter

  1. Rokolla says:

    Se vede frumos fusta si imi plac hainele dupa shein asa ca sunt sigura ca este ok. Pfrefer sa imi cumpar online dupa shein cu atat mai mult cu cat zara nu este in Galati si nu am acces oricand la magazin!

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