Red blazer

Bershka red blazer
Northland dress
Zara shoes
MeliMelo necklace

I finally found a red blazer that fits my taste. I’ve been looking for it for more than a month so now I’m so happy to have it!

Hope everyone had a great Easter. I spent mine at my parents house in Oradea and this is the outfit that I wore. Because of the pregnancy I had some stomach burns so I can’t say the holydays were great. I think the food was to heavy.

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34 thoughts on “Red blazer

  1. Faboulista says:

    so cute your baby bump is starting to show. u must be super excited. i’m far from being ready for a baby but i so want one and i always get so excited when other are getting ready for this step in their lives.

  2. rohinie says:

    awww youre pregnant…thats soo cute…and your keeping it soo stylish even during your pregnancy…

    love your outfit…following you, do follow me back


  3. dekker05 says:

    the mini jean shorts worn with a variety platforms mostly beiges are really ultra sexy, it’s hard to be concentrated in front of such pictures, erotica is full, the pleasure is intense.

  4. marrya says:

    🙂 Ce dragut…Felicitari pt bebe! Te stiu de ceva timp,te-am urmarit pe chictopia si aici pe blog, iar acum te-am descoperit si pe divahair. Imi place tare mult stilul tau:) Ma bucur tare mult cand iti vad burtica…

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