I’m not a fur fan

cum purtam haina de blana



rock chic looking fur street style

jacket: HERE | jeans: HERE | t-shirt: HERE | hat: H&M


I’m not a big fur fan and I’m not even sure why,  maybe because they take so much space from my closet. You have three fur coats, and BAM, all the space is gone. But I was so happy to find this one, that only looks like fur but it’s actually made out of thread. I love that Kate Moss vibe that it has, and it moves beautifully them I walk or when the wind blows. It’s just gorgeous!



Nu ma prea dau in vant dupa hainele de blana, nu stiu exact din ce motiv, probabil si pt ca ocupa tareee mult loc in dulap. Trei haine de blana si BAM, ti-ai umplut dulapu, restu hainelor poti sa le tii pe un stander in balcon. Imi plac doar cele cu un aer rock-sic, dar tot ce gaseam pe la noi prin magazine erau genu piti-botoxate. Uite insa ca, intr-un final, am dat peste minunatia asta a la Kate Moss. Desi arata ca o haina de blana, e facuta de fapt din ate, lucru care mi se pare mega cool. Se misca absolut senzational atunci cand umbli sau cand bate vatu, iar partea care pe mine ma incanta cel mai mult, nu ocupa mult loc in dulap. Unde mai pui ca nu are nici pretul exagerat al unei haine de blana?

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