Valentine’s day gift ideas for her

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In case you haven’t figured out yet what to get your girlfriend or wife for Valentine’d Day 
here are a few ideas:
1. a heart pouch that says “be mine”, or any other items that contain a cute love message (find it HERE);
2. a beautiful watter bottle, that will motivate her drink more water (find it HERE);
3. a cute keychain that will make her think of you every time she sees it (find it HERE);
4. a cute headpiece that will make her feel like a princes (find it HERE);
5. you can never go wrong with books  (find them HERE)…
6.  …or with a red lipstick!
What not to get her!!!
* cooking tools or any cooking devices. You can get that for Christmas if she really likes cooking, but not for Valentine’s Day
* face creams, shampoo or perfume, unless you know her really well and you know for sure what brand she uses.
* don’t buy her clothes unless you are 100% sure about her size. And yes, she knows she can exchange them in case they don’t fit, but is so disappointing to know that you think she is thinner or fatter than she actually is.

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