What to wear when you are pregnant

Two years ago I was pregnant too, and my biggest question was: “well, what in the world will I wear now?”. During the summer is not that hard, you throw on a flowy dress and you are ready to go. But in the winter you have to keep warn and not look like a huge sack of potatoes. So, here are some tips on how to dress chic and cheep during the winter. 

Top Five Winter Maternity Clothing Essentials
2013 seems to be starting with a distinctly cold snap, meaning that any dreams of ditching the winter wardrobe after Christmas have been well and truly scuppered.
If you’re pregnant then getting a balance of comfort and style on a budget can be difficult. To make your new year shopping trips easy, take a look at this list of winter maternity clothing essentials:
Maternity Tights and Leggings
Maternity tights and leggings are ideal for adding extra warmth in winter, while also allowing you to wear spring fashions that little bit earlier in the year. They’re an essential buy to add to any maternity wardrobe, in order to help you get the most wear from those maternity purchases.
Take a look at http://direct.asda.com/george/women/maternity/bottomsto find comfortable and versatile bottoms that won’t break the bank.
Maternity Jeans
Being pregnant doesn’t have to mean giving up your trusty denims. Maternity jeans have a stretchy under or over bump panel in the place of buttons and zippers, so that you can wear your favourite skinny or bootcut jeans right up until the baby is born!
Longline Jumpers and Cardigans
There’s no need to necessarily buy specific maternity tops. Simply choose garments with a longer length than usual, like longline jumpers and cardigans. Doing this will mean you get extra mileage from your maternity wardrobe, as you can wear them even when not pregnant.
Cosy Coat
A new coat doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, and the last thing you want to do is try to carry on using an old coat that you can’t do up – especially when temperatures are freezing. Keep your bump cosy in a coat that will last for winters to come. Wrap around styles are ideal as they can be adjusted to fit. Or why not consider a stylish cape style coat? Don’t forget to choose a coat with a fur collar if you want to be at the forefront of the fashions this new year.
Alternatively, why not choose a coat that buttons over the breasts and then skims the tummy without the need for doing up. If you find that your bump peeks out in the last months of your pregnancy simply pop a thick jumper or cardigan underneath.
The Formal Scallop Coat at George fits the bill perfectly and comes in a choice of classic navy or plum.
Sturdy Boots
If it’s slippery underfoot then a sturdy pair of boots with ankle support and a good grip are essential. Be sure to try on your choice, as you might find that you’ve gone up a shoe size since being pregnancy. Team with comfortable, thick socks – however, if in doubt, don’t go out! It’s really not worth risking a fall.
There’s no need to spend a fortune on a winter maternity wardrobe at this late stage in the season. Choose clever items like maternity tights and leggings that will see you all the way through to summer, and versatile non-maternity pieces that can be worn after the baby is born.

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