I said no, no, no!

 top: HERE | shorts: DIY | bag: Michael Kors | hat: H&M | glasses: HERE | shoes: H&M

When I first saw Chiara Ferragni wearing a pair of Birkenstock, I thought to myself  “omg, those shoes are so ugly” and I thought I would never wear them. I even made fun of a friend, because she thought they were cool. Of course that by the time I decided that I also want a pair they were sold out, so I ended up buying a similar one from H&M. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not that kind of girl that buys something just because they are on trend, and everybody wears it. I never owned a pairs of creepers, motorcycle boots, or high sole sneakers either because I didn’t feel like they suit my stile 100 %, either because I was fed up with seeing them everywhere. So, I don’t get what happened this time with me, but I saw so many cool outfits pared with this extremely comfy shoes so I had to also get one pair.

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10 thoughts on “I said no, no, no!

  1. Mira Devils says:

    Haha everyone has a right to change their mind. I hated Birkenstocks in the past too but now I think they are so cool. You look fabulous. Love everything you wear 🙂


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